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History of Hotel 24 South, Staunton, Virginia

Uncovering the Historical Journey of Staunton's Landmark

Originally named the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, our historic hotel in Staunton, Virginia, was restored to preserve many original features while expanding to serve today's guests in 2005. Located in the heart of the city, our hotel has a heritage dating back to a bygone era, and its architecture and charm reflect its fascinating journey.
Origin of Hotel 24 South, Staunton, Virginia


Known as Staunton's "Grande Dame," the Hotel 24 South would probably never have been built if not for the efforts of Alexander Tobie Moore, "one of the best-known hotel men of the South," according to the Staunton News-Leader. Moore came to Staunton in 1909 to buy the old Virginia Hotel at a foreclosure auction. He fixed it up and quickly became Staunton's most prominent hotelier, but he knew Staunton needed a bigger, more modern hotel for the 20th century.


Moore chose the experienced New York architectural firm of H.L. Stevens & Company to design the new hotel in the famous Georgian Revival style. The Staunton Hotel is an excellent example of this restrained, neoclassical style. The façade includes neoclassical ornamentation, such as decorative balustrades under the central windows, that lend classical dignity to the building without overpowering.


Moore yearned to expand the hotel, and in early 1930, he had the old Virginia Hotel demolished, planning to build a new, larger extension of the Stonewall Jackson in its place. But financing became impossible as the Great Depression sunk in, and never built the addition. Sadly, Moore died in a tragic automobile accident in 1935, leaving his widow, Elizabeth Clemmer Moore, to run the hotel. Moore renovated and operated the hotel until sold it in 1947.
In the early 1960s, a giant neon sign was installed on the roof reading "Stonewall Jackson Hotel" to attract motorists to the old downtown hotel. It was not enough, and the hotel closed in 1968.
2003-Present at Hotel 24 South, Staunton, Virginia


In 2003, a successful renovation plan finally came together. A multi-party financing arrangement worked out and created a new conference center on the north side of the hotel while also updating and carefully restoring the original hotel. The newly renovated hotel boasted 124 guest rooms, ten new meeting rooms in the conference center, and a brightly restored lobby, ballroom, and dining room.
Accommodations at Hotel 24 South, Staunton, Virginia


The accommodations at Hotel 24 South are located in two seamlessly conjoined sections. The first is the hotel's historic wing. The hallways and entryways here have been preserved to their original configuration. Additional rooms in the new wing allow the hotel to welcome more guests and host small meetings, groups, and weddings.
New Additions of Hotel 24 South, Staunton, Virginia

New Additions

The expansion of Hotel 24 South encompasses a range of exciting enhancements, including the newly added portecochere, an impressive 4,453 square feet of versatile meeting and event spaces, a state-of-the-art business center, a welcoming indoor pool, a well-equipped fitness facility, and a delightful gift shop. This significant renovation project has earned Hotel 24 South esteemed recognition from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, underscoring its historical and architectural importance.